Darran Park Fitness Class

Darran Park- the Jewel in Ferndale’s crown has long been underused for, well, almost everything.

Not anymore.

EatMoveLean are busy planning to start running high-intensity exercise sessions on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday in the Park.

The exercise sessions will be short, sharp and intense, only running for half hour.

They will help you get fitter, help you lose weight, tone muscles and make you feel great.

Why half hour?

We know what it’s like to have every intention of going to the gym after work… but not end up going.

You talk yourself out of it.

You’re tired and hungry and the last thing you want to do is go to the gym.

Besides, you have work to do. You’ve got to make food, clean the kitchen, put the kids to bed.

I’m getting stressed just thinking about it.

Anyway, they gym is never just the hour is it?! By the time you put your kit on, drive or walk there, train, get home, shower, it ends up well over an hour and a half. Time, you haven’t got!

That’s why we decided to do short, sharp, high-intensity, s so you get maximum benefit with minimum time commitment.

I’ll go in the morning.

Tomorrow is a new day. “I’ll wake up extra early and do a Body Coach workout in the morning”, you say to yourself.

“I’ll wake up extra early and do a Body Coach workout in the morning,” you say to yourself.

Knowing full well, you’ve been running late every morning for the past month.

It’s just too warm and cozy in the duvet.

I’ll start next week.

No, you won’t!!

High-Intensity Training

I’d like to tell you that there’s something magical about High-Intensity training but I can’t.  The biggest and best benefit over traditional cardio, like running, is that you can burn the same amount of fat in less time.

And the way EatMoveLean do it, you can tone get stronger and tone muscle at the same time. Winner.

What’s the catch?

It’s hard. For the half hour, you’re training, you are working very hard.

Can you handle it? Do you have a choice?

If you are interested, please let me know by emailing sean@eatmovelean.com.