Five Ways to Fit Exercise Into Your Busy Life

How is it that some people have time to exercise but you don’t?

It must be because they aren’t as busy as you, surely. I bet you’ve found yourself making the excuses below, haven’t you?

He’s a school teacher, he’s got plenty of time on his hands.

He hasn’t got children to look after work, so he can go to the gym anytime.

He’s ripped because he’s a Personal Trainer, he can train all day.

Truth is, exercise shouldn’t be all or nothing thing. Just because you can’t train 5 times a week for a full hour doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise.

You’ve just got to train smarter not harder.

In this article, I’m going to share 5-time saving techniques which will help you to fit exercise into your busy life.

Full Body Workouts

Instead of training 5 times a week doing one body part at a time, why not train fewer days but do full body workouts on those days. Full body workouts have many benefits over split routines including, increased recovery, less boredom because you can change up routines more and of course less time commitment for you.

Train at Home

Instead of driving to the gym why not train at home? Going to the gym can add a considerable amount to your already squeezed schedule simply because of the commute time. There are ways that you workout at home by utilizing bodyweight exercises into circuits or intervals (discussed below) or purchase a home gym, or simply go running.

Circuit Training or Interval Training

Whether you are training at home or in a gym you can utilize the concept of circuit and interval training. For circuit training, identify 5-7 exercises, do each for 20-30 seconds with no rest and repeat for 2-5 times depending on fitness level.

Interval training is quite similar but instead of no rest, work maximally for 30 seconds then rest for 30 seconds and repeat for 2-3 rounds for each exercise.

There are many other ways to do interval and circuit training. A quick google search should highlight thousands for you.

Superset Exercises

You’re determined to go to the gym but you want to speed your workouts up. Why don’t you put two exercises together and perform them one after the other? Either do upper and lower body or antagonistic muscle groups like chest and back. This speeds the workout up because you’ll be having less rest between workouts.

Do More Throughout the Day

It’s not all about structured exercise, you can burn more calories simply by doing more throughout the day. Take the stairs at work, park your car further away, don’t let your partner do all the housework. You get the point.

Put Simply- Move more.


If you have learned anything from this article it should be that you need to stop making excuses. Someone somewhere is busier than you and in better shape because he works with the time they have, not using limited time as an excuse.

Make time. Do Something. Be Great.

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